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13th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Madeira Island, Portugal, 19 – 22 September 2010

On the Way to Intelligent Sustainable Mobility

Paper/Video Submission

Final paper submission (and Registration):

Most efficient steps:

1. Login via as author;
2. For each paper, follow "Submit the final version" -> Update the final version information -> Fill all fields INCLUDING number of pages in the final manuscript;
3. Once all papers are updated, Click on Access link at the top -> ITSC 2010 Registration site (in a new window or tab) -> finish registration and close the window;
4. Continue with paper uploads.

Regarding some frequently asked questions:

- Paper size:
As for IEEE conferences, the paper size for submission must be US Letter.

- Paper format:
Two-column format in the IEEE style is required.

- Page limit:
For the first submission, a manuscript can be of 6-8 pages. For the final submission, a manuscript should be of 6 pages, with 2 additional pages allowed but at an extra charge.

- PDF file:
A manuscript file needs to be converted into its PDF version for submission. Please limit the size of the PDF file to be less than 500 Kb. Files larger than 2 Mb are not accepted for uploading.

- Templates:
* LaTeX style file ieeeconf.cls and sample document sample_new.tex (both on, BiBTeX files, and Guide to use ieeeconf.cls (based on IEEEtrans.cls) IEEEtran_HOWTO.pdf.
* Word template and sample document sample_letter.doc, both for letter paper.

Video Submission

Optional Video Submission (limit three minutes) can be added to supplement accepted papers. All video contributions (a self-contained 1.5-3 minutes video connected with a paper accepted to ITSC 2010) must consist of a mpeg file (max 10 MB), that will be included on the CD proceedings, and a README and SUMMARY file.

Video.mpeg : It is mandatory to use the most common media formats (mpg, mpeg 1 or mpeg 4). Videos should not use special codecs (coders/decoders) in order to provide as much portability across platforms as possible. Any other extensions will be blocked. The video contributions should not have any commercial pitch and the authors of each video must have clear copyright of the audio and visual content.

README.txt : IEEE requires a plain text Readme file for multimedia contents. It must contain (1) An overall description of the objects, (2) Multimedia player information and (3) Author contact information.

SUMMARY.txt : Describe in 5 sentences or less the contents or value of the extended object. This file helps IEEE Xplore users to make downloading decisions.

Unless video/readme/summary are ALL submitted, submission is not complete.

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