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13th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Madeira Island, Portugal, 19 – 22 September 2010

On the Way to Intelligent Sustainable Mobility

Call for Papers

The Call for Papers in PDF format can be downloaded here.

Manuscript submission deadline: 20 April 2010 (Extended)

The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) is sponsoring its 13th international conference on basic research and applications of leading advances in communications, computer,control, and electronics technologies related to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Travel and traffic management
- Travel information and route guidance
- Ride matching and reservation
- Traveler services information
- Traffic control
- Incident management
- Travel demand management
- Emissions testing and mitigation
- Highway-rail intersection

Emergency management and transportation security
- Emergency notification and personal security
- Emergency vehicle management
- ITS and national security
- Parallel management
- Systems for transportation emergency

Commercial vehicle operations
- Commercial vehicle electronic clearance
- Automated roadside safety inspection
- On-board safety monitoring
- Commercial vehicle administrative processes
- Hazardous material incident response
- Commercial fleet management

ITS modeling and analysis
- Data mining and analysis
- Travel behavior under ITS
- Simulation and modeling
- Traffic theory for ITS
- Statistical modeling
- Optimization and control: theory and modeling
- Geographic information systems
- Hardware in the loop simulation
- Artificial transportation systems

Public transportation management
- Public transportation management
- En-route transit information
- Personalized public transit
- Public travel security

Intelligent vehicles
- Aerial, marine and surface intelligent vehicles
- Environment perception
- Lane detection and lane keeping
- Pedestrian and vehicle detection
- Real-time perception and sensor fusion
- Multi-autonomous vehicle studies,models, techniques and simulations
- HMI and Human-machine interaction
- Cooperative techniques
- Collision prediction and avoidance
- Advanced vehicle safety systems
- Driver assistance systems
- Real-time motion planning in dynamicenvironments
- Sensor fusion for accurate global positioning
- Lidar, vision and radar sensing
- Vehicle localization and autonomous navigation
- Automated vehicle operation

Electric vehicle technologies
- Electric motors drives and propulsion technologies
- Energy efficiency optimization
- Special purpose vehicles for aged and handicapped people
- Passenger cars and public transport
- Battery management systems
- Advanced energy storage and control systems
- Hybrid plug-in systems
- Infrastructure for charging, communication and controls
- Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and smart grids

Other topics
- Intelligent infrastructure
- Agent-based methods
- Electronic payment services

Paper submission
Complete manuscripts in PDF format must be electronically submitted for peer-review in IEEE standard-format. Detailed submission instructions can be found through conference website at

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